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“For decades now, whenever I’m in an elevator or a hospital and whenever someone coughs, sneezes, yawns or shows sickness, I consciously close my mouth and breathe through my nose. 


We humans have evolved to have nose hairs so that we can warm and filter the air we breathe. ...And ‘Yes, it works for covid, too!’


In addition to ‘nasal breathing’, I also consciously spend as long as it takes to ‘clear my throat AND sinuses’, especially first thing in the morning and especially when I feel that scratch in the back of my throat or have that copper taste on the back of my teeth.


Having a clear airway by expelling excess mucus in sinuses and throat is important in helping prevent the  incubation of bacteria and viruses.


In short, our bodies have what it takes to prevent and minimize the chance of getting sick.


Here is the article that I often reference when sharing about ‘nasal breathing to prevent getting and giving corona virus’.


And on a more personal not, it is my very strong opinion that society’s mental health is under attack with all of these mask wearing mandates. I could go on for hours about the psychological affects on children, how building immune systems is being compromised, social skills being forever damaged and how ‘wearing a mask’ is counterproductive to individuals’ and society’s health.


...I’ll take ‘breathing through my nose’ over ‘mouth-breathing behind a mask’ any day of the year!


Stay healthy and stay smart.”



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